Enrolling at our school


​​​​​ Stages of enrolling your child  

​​If you are in our Catchment Area:​

  1. An enrolment application (PDF, 5.8MB) must be completed and signed for each child enrolling. 

  2.  The Agreement and Permission Forms​ must be completed and signed for each child enrolling. 

  3. Please complete also an Online Services Consent​ for each child to allow access to online  programs that are accessed as part of the curriculum.​

  4. An original birth certificate and/or passport for each  must also be sighted by the enrolments officer to complete the enrolment process.


Upon receipt of your application, you will be advised of an enrolment interview time with the Deputy Principal or Principal.  Please make sure you read the Parent Handbook and Responsible School Behaviour Plan prior to your interview (you will find these on our Website). 

At this meeting, the Principal/Deputy Principal will discuss the details and expectations of your child/childrens enrolment. Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students, School Dress Code, Homework Policy, Attendance and Absences Policy will also be discussed.

Once enrolment interview has been conducted and the enrolment forms have been finalised, you are able to organise uniforms, books and fees that need to be paid. Your child may start once they have completed the interview and have a full school uniform.

Please contact the office directly for details on this process.

If you are out of our Catchment Area:

  1. Please complete a separate  Expression of Interest form for each child enrolling. Send the completed form by post or email. Or deliver it in person to our Administration Officer.

  2. Upon receipt of your form you will be advised of availability of placement in your child's year level and be placed on the waiting list.  If a spot does become available you will be contacted for an enrolment interview time with the Deputy Principal or Principal on Wednesday or Friday morning. Please make sure you read the Parent Handbook and Responsible School Behaviour Plan prior to your interview (you will find these on our Website). 

Accompanying documents for all enrolments

When you enrol at Moorooka State School, please check that you provide the following with your application of enrolment:

  • Birth Certificate or passport for each child (originals or certified copies)
  • Proof of address (rates notice/rental agreement/utilities invoice)
  • Court orders (if applicable)
  • Major Medical reports (if applicable – from GP or specialist)
  • A copy of two current report cards

If your child is not born in Australia, you must provide:

  • Evidence of the date of entry into Australia
  • Passport or travel documents
  • Current visa and previous visa (if applicable).

In addition, if your child is a temporary visa holder you must provide the following documents:

  • Confirmation of enrolment or evidence of permission to transfer provided by Education International (if holding an international full fee student visa, sub class 571)
  • Evidence of the visitor and temporary resident visa (other than sub class 571 referred to above)
  • a bridging visa).

Please follow the information and instructions for Temporary Resident Admissions on the EQI Website  by clicking on the link below or contact EQI on 1800 316 540

Change of student details

It is strongly encouraged that you advise us immediately of any changes to your child’s status (i.e. name change, place of residence, changes to parent/carer details).


The information provided in Enrolment forms is stored securely in local school and Departmental Databases in accordance with State and Departmental policies to ensure security, privacy and confidentiality.

Last reviewed 24 April 2023
Last updated 24 April 2023