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Annual reports


Last year we were identified as a National Partnership School in Literacy. 

The results of students from non-English speaking backgrounds (ESL, English as a Second Language) are something we are very proud of, however when compared with non-ESL background students their results in standardised testing are not comparable until they have had several years of schooling. 

National testing (NAPLAN) results entitled the school to extra support in the shape of a literacy coach. A coach is used to mentor and assist teachers in embedding the latest Literacy practices and has already proven to be the ‘most profound professional development’ our teachers have ever under gone. 

This renewed focus on literacy practice continues for 2013/14. We are very confident of increased improvement for all of our students as a result.

MSS Annual Report 2017.pdfAnnual Implementation Report 2017 MSS Annual Report 201723/04/2018258 KB
AIP 2018.pdfAnnual Implementation Plan 2018AIP 201818/01/20182752 KB
1637_Moorooka_SS_sar2016V2.pdfAnnual Report 20161637_Moorooka_SS_sar2016V214/06/2017201 KB
1637_Moorooka_SS_sar2015.pdfAnnual Report 20151637_Moorooka_SS_sar201521/06/2016202 KB
annual-report-2014.pdfAnnual Report 2014annual-report-201426/06/2015657 KB
annual-report-2013.pdfAnnual Report 2013annual-report-20134/06/2014484 KB
annual-report-2012.pdfAnnual Report 2012annual-report-20121/06/2013529 KB
annual-report-2011.pdfAnnual Report 2011annual-report-20111/06/2012459 KB
annual-report-2010.pdfAnnual Report 2010annual-report-20101/06/2011328 KB
annual-report-2009.pdfAnnual Report 2009annual-report-20091/06/2010494 KB