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Classroom music



Music is a valued and important part of school life at Moorooka State School, as evidenced by the wealth of resources available. 

As well as general class music lessons, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an instrument to learn or an ensemble to be a part of.

We have two instrumental music teachers, offering instruction on woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments, as well as two teachers who provide private tuition on the piano, guitar and contemporary drumkit.

Our school choir is open for all year levels, and our band and orchestra consist of students from years 3 to 7. Click on the tabs to find more details about each area of our broad music program.

Classroom Music

Welcome to classroom music at Moorooka! My name is Melody Fawssett, and I have the privilege of being the classroom music teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays. All students from years prep through to 7 receive a 30-minute general music lesson each week within their class groups.

Music is an important part of every culture, and a vital part of each child's growth and development. As infants, many children sing before they speak! Music helps a child's language development and mathematical processing skills. It also aids memory.

Beginning in prep, classroom music builds on a foundation of what is known, by revisiting nursery rhymes and songs from infancy. For students from non-English speaking backgrounds, these simple songs may not be familiar, but are still valuable in learning English vocabulary. There is often a strong similarity between children's songs from all over the world.

In years 1, 2 and 3, basic music literacy is taught, and skills are developed at playing simple percussion instruments. By the end of year 3, students are able to read simple rhythms and identify some notes on the treble stave. They are also familiar with a large repertoire of short songs and pieces.

In year 4, students begin learning to play the recorder, and to read music more fluently. From years 4 to 7, students' knowledge of music is expanded to the study of music from non-Australian cultures, as well as that of certain genres. Students of these year levels are also instructed in composition and music technology.

At Moorooka, we believe that music is for every student. It is our goal to foster the enjoyment of music in children, and the confidence to continue making music beyond the school years.