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Should your children learn to play a concert band instrument? Do they enjoy music? Do they display any musical ability or talent. Do they have the spare time and discipline to regularly practice? Will they enjoy performing in front of others? Have they got the maturity to look after an expensive school instrument?

These are a few questions that need to be answered before thinking about introducing your children to both the discipline and joy of learning an instrument and playing in a band.

Moorooka State School offers a variety of concert band instruments to students beginning in year 4. Once in the program we expect our students to continue learning their chosen instrument until leaving primary school. This is a long term commitment.

Instrumental lessons occur weekly. Students are taught in ability groups/instrument groups for a 30min session in school time. The lessons are on a rotating timetable, so students don’t regularly miss the same subjects in class.  Students in this program are given a progress strip to record their continuing development on their chosen instrument. They work through and perform the carefully graded exercises/skill and performance pieces and are rewarded with stickers and certificates for their efforts and performances. A medal is awarded to any student that successfully performs the final solo in the tutor book on assembly.

Once a student has progressed to a desired level of competency, they will become a member of the school band and will be required to attend 8.00am morning rehearsals and will also need to purchase a band folder for the extra band music they will receive.

The yearly levy to hire a school instrument and participate in weekly lessons is $80. Your child will also require the $15 tutor book “Accent on Achievement”. 

During the year many opportunities will arise where the school concert band will be required to play. Occasionally we combine with other local schools and perform together.

The instrumental music program at Moorooka has a special music polo shirt that your child is able to wear to school every week on lesson day. The music polo shirt is also worn with long black pants and black shoes whenever the concert band performs publicly. They can be purchased at the Uniform Shop for $30.

Learning to read music and play an instrument is very rewarding. Playing in a band with your school friends is fun.