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Student achievement


Reporting Student Achievement

Schools are required to report student achievement in all learning areas or subjects offered as part of a school’s curriculum program across P–10.

This will include curriculum developed using:

  • Australian Curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards
  • Queensland Essential Learnings and Standards
  • Early Years Curriculum Guidelines.

The Australian Curriculum, Essential Learnings and Standards and the EYCG are based on the assumption that every child and young person can learn.

In 2012, schools and teachers will develop and implement appropriate programs that suit their local context for: 

  • Geography, the arts, technology, health and physical education (HPE) and languages other than English, using the Essential Learnings and Standards in years 1–9 and the year 10 guidelines.
  • The early learning areas — social and personal learning, health and physical learning and the aspects in Active learning processes not covered in the Australian Curriculum — using the EYCG in prep.

English, mathematics, science and history are being taught through the Queensland Curriculum into Classroom (C2C) units of work devised using the P–10 Australian Curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards. 

A collection of evidence or folio of student work 

Teachers make summative judgments for reporting purposes based on a planned and targeted selection of evidence of student learning collected over the reporting period.

The folio of student work is a planned approach to make defensible judgments about student achievement and involves gathering sufficient and targeted evidence of student learning over the reporting period.