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Teaching and learning

What learning looks like for students at Moorooka State School

Sensational Start

My teacher will explain to me:

  • what we are learning to do (WALT).
  • what he/she is looking for (WILF).
  • why this information is purposeful and relevant.

What I need to do is:

  • listen attentively.
  • set a personal target.
  • link this new concept to my previous learning.

I do...

My teacher will:

  • explicitly teach new knowledge - he/she will be thinking aloud and using 'teacher talk'.

I will be:

  • looking, listening and questioning.

We do...

My teacher will:

  • give me verbal, visual and physical prompts.
  • require me to respond often.
  • show me examples and some non-examples.
  • check for my understanding.

I will be:

  • contributing to class discussions.
  • participating in group activities.

You do...

My teacher will:

  • engage me in a task.
  • clarify the task and what I need to do.
  • provide me with feedback on my work.

I will be:

  • working silently.
  • completing tasks to show understanding.
  • presenting my work neatly.

Strong finish

My teacher will:

  • review what we were learning.
  • assess my success - correcting work.
  • give me feedback.

I will be:

  • reflecting on my learning and work.
  • thinking about how this new information links to things I already know. 

Please see the image below.