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25 February 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal – Vicki Hyne

Stop-Drop-Go Zone (SDG) – Sherley Street

Afternoon Pick Up Procedure

  1. Students are to wait outside the school grounds as directed by the teacher on ‘pick up’ duty for their parents to arrive at the front of the Stop, Drop and Go Zone.
  2. We would like all parents in the queue to drive to the front of the SDG which is closest to Beaudesert Road, please don’t jump the queue. Parents get very frustrated by other parents jumping the queue.
  3. Students are to look for their parent’s car and when the car stops at the head of the queue they are to safely get into the car via the door near the kerb and put on their seatbelt.
  4. Students are not to approach a car without being directed by the teacher on duty.
  5. The Stop, Drop and Go zone is like a quick moving taxi rank and requires the cooperation of everyone involved so that we can ensure the safety of the students

Change of Playground to staff car park

The new carpark has caused concern among a few parents regarding the gate being locked. Unfortunately following WPHS checks the path will not be usable to foot traffic as the swing arc required by vehicles takes it over the path end. In speaking to some parents on Friday we realised that the main issue is that the road outside this gate was being used as an impromptu Stop-Drop-Go and they wanted their children to be able to exit to their cars from this gate. Unfortunately the BCC have extended the yellow line at this point following their SDG upgrade so this is not a safe spot for cards to stop anymore. The playground is not being replaced as previously discussed as we are using the money to upgrade our Nature Play activities.

No play outside school hours on play equipment

Education Queensland policy states that there is to be no access to school play equipment before or after school. New signs are going up soon. This is because of insurance issues. Thank you for your support with this matter.

Parent Parking in the school grounds

Following two incidents involving students and cars, one this year and one in term 4 last year I have made the decision to close the internal road off Beaudesert road to all parent car traffic. This will include parents dropping students at before and after school care. Movement of staff cars has also been significantly reduced and will now only be permissible before 8.15am and after 3.15pm.

Parents dropping off students for before or after school care will now need to park either on Beaudesert Rd or Blomfield Street and walk children in from there. We are investigating longer term options for safe access of cars but have to close the area at this point.

Nature Play Update

Loose Parts play

We are just in the process of improving this area with shelving and rotation of items. If you have any donations to the Loose Parts play please drop them to the office.

New Water play

New water play area almost done. Thanks to John for connecting our rain water tanks to the corner of our cubby building area ready for our water and mud play. Andy has acquired some old bath tubs and piping. Students will be able to connect up piping and hoses in different configurations to get water down to the mud area. A change of clothes will be required.

New Scooter play

Children are now able to bring their scooters to school to play on at first break on the closed off road between the two ovals. They need a helmet and lock and their name on their scooter and helmet. Scooters are to be left in the bike racks until needed. Monday: Prep, Tuesday: Year 1&2, Thursday: Year 3&4, Friday: Year 5&6. Please note that the school takes no responsibility for scooters or other student personal property brought into the school.

New Tree climbing

The arborist has been back to check more trees as some of our tree choices were not safe for tree climbing. We will now have two areas. One in the Prep playground where we have 4 climbing trees and two for rope and tyre swings plus our own low ropes course. The second area will be along the junior oval near the bike rack end, 1 climbing tree, another low ropes course and some rope and tyre swings.

New Stick Play and Book

Students are now able to use sticks in all parts of the school.

We are hoping to compile a school ‘Stick Book’ this term where students can submit their ideas for things to do with a stick. More information was in the last newsletter.

New Fire Pit

A new fire pit for open fire cooking will be made near the water play area. This will supplement our SAKGP cooking.

Scooter Play reminders

The students are loving using their scooters at school however please remind your children

  1. To wait for the teacher to make sure their equipment is fastened properly.
  2. Please check your child’s helmet is adjusted on the chin strap to fit on their head properly without sliding backwards
  3. Train your child to take their helmet on and off themselves and be able to do up and undo the strap.

Please consider whether your child is ready for scooter play yet or not.

We will be enjoying scooters all year so if they need a bit more practice at home first they can still participate in lots of other exciting activities.


This program is still in construction as we need more time to finish building the garden beds for the community garden and SAKGP. We also need to finish refurbishing the old tuck shop as our kitchen space. This program hopes to be up and running by term 2.

Childhood Summit 28-30th March

As part of our attempt to spread the word about Nature Play the student council, Mrs Jones and I will be attending the Childhood Summit in March. 3 of our student council will be on a student panel to discuss the pressing issues of youth today. They all will also be participating in a Loose Parts play pit. I will be co-presenting two workshops with Anya Perkins on how to STEAM outdoors. Delegates will also be coming to visit our school on Thursday afternoon to see our Nature Play and outdoor learning in action. Finally but most excitingly Tom Burdon won a competition to be the Child Voice of Queensland and will be presenting a key note address to open the conference. Congratulations Tom, we are very proud of him.


Reminder to send in submissions for our stick book

Stick Categories

Our book will have stick ideas under the following categories:

  1. Stick games
  2. Stick arts
  3. Stick imagination
  4. Stick STEM (Change of category name incorporating Science and Tech)
  5. Stick music

Your child will need to include:

  • a title for their stick idea
  • a picture of their stick idea, and them using it (if they have photo permission)
  • information about how to make their stick idea
  • any safety rules for their idea (very important)

See the example below:

Submissions need to be sent digitally to my email at by the end of week 7, Friday 15th March for possible inclusion in the school book.

At this stage I am not sure if we will be able to include all entries as this will depend on publishing requirements.

You will be notified either way.

Any questions as always either pop in for a chat or email.

Deputy Principal – Kristin Hill

Parent Information Evening

Thank you to all those who attended our 2019 Parent Information Evening on Monday last week. It was wonderful to see a high level of parent attendance and participation – well done and thank you parents and carers! After a presentation in our Hall for a welcome and some big picture messages, parents and carers were able to attend one of two identical sessions from classroom teachers about the school year ahead. Thank you also to our staff for giving up their evening to provide this opportunity, and share routines, procedures and expectations for the year of learning ahead.

The welcome/big picture session provided the opportunity to share the focus of our work and improvement agenda for 2019 with parents and carers. This is summarised below.

Several areas for focus:

  • Nature Play
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy

Six elements within this focus:

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Reading (our improvement agenda)
  • Writing (our improvement agenda)

Prep 2020 Parent Information Session

Children are eligible for Prep next year if they are born between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. While the new school year is quite a way away, it is important that we have as much information as possible to manage our enrolments – as well as ensuring parents and carers are informed, and we are all working together to ensure the most successful start possible to primary schooling.

In response to feedback, and better aligning the timing and delivery of information, we will hold our initial 2020 Prep Parent Information session later this term – rather than in Term 2 as we have done in previous years. The dates for our 2020 Prep Parent Information Session (which are all identical sessions) will be held at 3.30pm - 5pm in our Library – on Tuesday 26 March, Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 8 August.

2019 Student Leaders’ Induction Ceremony

On Friday 15 February we officially inducted our Student Leaders for 2019. School Captains, House Captains, Cultural Captains, Media Team and Student Councillors were presented with their badges. Additionally, all our past 2018 School Leaders were invited back to participate in the ceremony by passing over their badges to the next year of School Leaders. Thanks again for all the past parents and students for taking the time to come back and begin a new tradition at Moorooka SS.

Prep Teddy Bear Picnic

To celebrate Preps first term at school, we are having a Teddy Bear Picnic in the Prep playground from 9-10am on Friday 1st March in the M Block playground. We invite all parents/carers or family members to join us for the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Students are asked to bring their Special Teddy on the day. Light refreshments, will be provided for Prep parents and fruit will be provided for the students. We look forward to seeing you there. Afterwards, our Prep teachers will be holding a Homework session for parents in your child’s class from 10.15-10.45am.

School Photos – SAY CHEESE!

Have your child’s memories captured forever.

School Photo Day is Monday 18 March. Your child should have received their photo envelope last week. If you have not received an envelope, blank ones are available from the office. Please hand your envelopes/orders into the office, orders are accepted right up until photo day. Please see below attachment with more details about the MSP Photography process.

Curriculum News

TDQ Text Dependent Questioning

To continue to accelerate our students reading at Mooorooka, we are introducing our students to reading texts with Text Dependent Questioning.

Text Dependent Questions are those that can be answered only by referring back to the text being read. Students are being taught a step by step approach of reading and organising information over a four-day period.

Students are guided to consider explicit and implied meanings, deeply analyse and appreciate various aspects of a text especially those that may be challenging.

Over four days, four interrelated processes are taught.

  • What does the text say?
  • How does the text work?
  • What does the text mean?
  • What does the text inspire you to do?

Text dependent questioning provides teachers with the information they need to scaffold their students’ deep comprehension through four levels of questioning.

Students reread texts for different purposes, to answer different questions, to find evidence for their inferences and conclusions, or as part of their collaborative conversations.

Students will be taught in Yr3- Yr6 how to annotate a text. How to have collaborative conversations about a text and answer questions on a text.

Over the next four newsletters, I will write about each of the phases of Text Dependent Questioning.

Janelle Crawford.
Literacy Coach


Story Time 2019

Story Time will take place every Thursday morning at 8.15am. Students and their families are invited into the library to enjoy hearing stories read out loud. Both students and their siblings are encouraged to borrow after Storytime.

Prep-aged students cannot be left at the library, without a supervising adult to walk them to class when the bell rings.

Reading Challenge 2019

At the end of 2018, we re-arranged our library so that books are now found under different genres. This new organisation makes it easier for students to browse titles and find books that interest them. We have 19 different genres:

  • Animal Stories
  • Realistic Fiction
  • School Stories
  • Sports Stories
  • Historical Fiction
  • Traditional Tales
  • Classics
  • Poetry
  • Humour
  • Short Stories
  • Horror and Supernatural
  • Adventure
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Non-Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Philosophy

To celebrate the library’s new layout, and to encourage children to read more widely, students from Years 2 – 6 have been invited to participate in a reading challenge. There will be some exciting prizes and certificates for those who read at least 8 Genres, and major prizes for those who read all 19. The challenge will run all year.

To participate, students can collect a sticker book from the library. A parent or teacher signature is required after they have read each book and before they receive their sticker. Children cannot include books that they have already read, but should read new titles as part of the challenge.

Many students have already enthusiastically started reading for the challenge. It has been a delight this week to see children borrowing much more diverse books, including challenging reads such as poetry and classics. Well done to all those students who are rising to the challenge!

Please encourage your child to participate. Students in Prep and Year 1 will be invited to be part of a reading challenge later in the year.

Behaviour Report

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Moorooka State School is a PBL school. We actively encourage positive behaviours in and out of our classrooms. These behaviours create a happy, safe and caring learning environment. The staff at Moorooka State School believe that by supporting students to acquire these life-long skills, they are preparing them for success. Each week we have a focus that stems from one of our core values. They are to:

•  Be Respectful  •  Be a Learner  •  Be Safe

At Moorooka we believe that being safe and happy at school impacts academic success. Each classroom will explore this focus in a variety of ways with the objective of upskilling our students with lifelong, transferable skills.

This week’s rule focused on Be Respectful – Follow instructions the first time.

At Moorooka SS, we have several rules that allow you to remain safe and teach you how to play appropriately, while at school.

Some include:

  • Labelled out of bounds areas
  • Procedures to use if you ride a bike, scooter or skateboard to school
  • No playing on playground equipment before or after school.

Student Council

Cancer Council Fundraiser

Teachers, thank you for allowing us to come into your classes this week to introduce ourselves as your Student Leader Buddies!

Your Student Leader Buddies are here to help you around the school and to inform you about what’s happening. It can be about, Naidoc Day, Harmony Day or Free Dress Day for fund raising. Your teachers can also ask for our help in locating lunch boxes or helping students during our lunch breaks. We look forward to working in collaboration with you and the whole school.

Next week, we will be selling these Magnets to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. Come see us on the courtyard during first break! They are $5 each, which go directly to Cancer Council Research! Feel free to take them home as it is or paint them in Pink at school! Don’t forget, Free Dress Day for Cancer Council on the Friday 1st March. Gold Coin donation -Wear sunsafe clothing in Pink or yellow. Thank you for your wonderful support Moorooka!

Student Newsletter

Would you like to add something to our student newspaper?

What: inspirational quotes, school news reports, book reviews, art work, cartoons, comic strips, funny jokes, photos of events, funny cat stories and pictures, or anything else that is newsworthy in your opinion.
When: Submit by Friday, March 22, 1:39pm
You can make your submissions by putting them in a box at the office. If you have photos, art work or kitty cat stuff put them in the box labelled “Pictures”. If you have written submissions and are in junior grades put them in the box labelled “Junior” or if you are in senior grades put them in the box labelled “Senior box”. You can also email it directly to Ruben:

Have an idea, but you are not sure about it?

Feel free to talk to our Representatives

Our Junior Representative (prep to Year 3): Astrid Reid
Our Senior Representative (Year 4 to 6): Amity Auguston

Don’t forget to put your name on your submission.

Can parents discuss potential submission options with their children,
to support the first Moorooka State School Student Newspaper?

Note: now that some of our old News Team members have left the school, we only have our junior representative, Astrid, our senior representative, Amity and our editor, Ruben. So, we now need more news team members. We will probably need, at the most, 3 more students. One member can help with the design of the newspaper and one member who can help with photography when we need photos, and another member can be an interviewer who interviews students.

To help students submit this term we are offering, for 2 weeks only, a newspaper workshop in the library, where students who have submitted in previous issues can share their tips of the trade with you. We are also hoping to create a space in the library where students can create submissions. Mrs Dixon and I have agreed on Tuesday and Thursday. See you then!

Administration News

Main Staff Car Park – Sherley Street

Please be advised that this car park is only for Staff Parking and is not to be used by parents or the general public or the Marlins Swimming Club.

Brekky Club

Again we are very lucky to have the support of the YMCA and local company ‘Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers’ to fully fund Moorooka State School breakfast program.

Also we extend a very big thank you to all of our Brekky Club volunteers who do a fantastic job co-ordinating and managing breakfast for our children five days a week.


Invoices for the School Resource Scheme and Instrumental Music have been issued.

Please ensure all payments are made by Friday 22 March 2019 to ensure continuity of your child’s programs.

For security reasons, parents or students are encouraged to make payments on their arrival to school. Payments may be made by cash, eftpos, credit card or cheque at the Payment Window outside of the Administration Office. This Payment Window is only open of a morning between 8.30 – 9.30am due to staffing issues.

Please note that we no longer offer BPay as an option.

BPoint is the preferred payment method for Department of Education, due to the efficiencies that automated receipting brings to schools. BPoint is an online payment system which provides schools with a secure and efficient method of collecting payments for parents/customers. BPoint allows a parent to pay their child’s invoices directly from home and receive the receipt immediately.

Student Achievements

Fortnightly Honour Awards – Term 1 Week 2

Prep A

Bessie and Ezekiel

Prep B

Charlie and Molly

Prep C

Anna Emily


Cornelia and Stewart


Ava and Drew


Ella and Felipe


Mohammad and Pedro


Inez and Merr


Archie and Malaya


Eloise and Zoe


Abhinoor and Mahdieh


Addison and Luca


Jia and Levi


Alex and Amitis


Marwa and Oliver

Extra Curricular Activities

Australian Girls Choir

Look no further than the Australian Girls Choir (AGC) because we encourage, challenge and inspire girls as they learn to sing, dance and perform. School aged girls are invited to try our fun and inclusive classes and learn more about being part of the AGC! Contact us if you would like to attend a free trial class in February.

Ph 3256 0207 or email

Chess Mates

Chess Mates specialises in teaching chess to children of all age groups and skill levels. Our team is dedicated to teaching chess in a fun and engaging way, so that children of any age can join in regardless of experience level. We teach younger students through songs and stories, for older or more advanced students we teach openings, strategies and forward planning. We don’t focus on winning (in fact, we teach kids how to deal with winning and losing). Instead, we focus on making new friends and having fun while learning.

Classes are held on Wednesday Mornings from 8:00 AM to 8:40 AM in the library. The cost for the classes is $8 per lesson.

If you have any questions about the classes please either e-mail or call 1300 CHESS MATES.

P&C Report

First P&C Meeting of 2019

Thanks for all who attended the first P&C meeting of 2019. Lovely to meet some of the new parents. It was a productive meeting.

Our next meeting is 12 March 2019, 6.30pm in the school library. It is the Annual General Meeting and all executive positions are up for election. Our treasurer, Andrew, and co-secretaries, Meredith and Jo, are sadly handing in their notice. We welcome people to nominate for these positions at the AGM. Any new Executive P and C members will be supported to transition in their new roles. Being on the P and C is an opportunity to contribute to school and connect with other parents and teachers so we would love people to join in the fun. If you would like more information or to become a member please come along to the next meeting or join our Facebook page.


The Tuckshop opening hours have changed this year. It is now open Monday, Wednesday and Friday first break, and on Fridays it also open at second break.

We have a great new summer menu, with different meals available each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each day has a halal, gluten friendly and vegetarian option.

We would love to get any feedback, or ideas how to make the Tuckshop even better! We also welcome volunteers to help keep our great Tuckshop running. For any information or feedback please email

Containers for Change

You can now easily recycle your cans and bottles at the TOMRA deposit point on Toohey Road in Salisbury and donate the proceeds to the MSS P&C at the TOMRA. You can also use scheme ID C10006819. All refunds this year will go towards air conditioning the school. More information can be found here:

Moorooka Marlins Swim Club

You can still join Swim Club at a pro-rata rate. Come along on a Friday evening to see for yourself! Full details on this great family friendly fun check out the website.

Upcoming P&C Events

Disco Time- Get you dancing shoes on and join us on Saturday the 9th of March for a fabulous time in the Moorooka State School Hall. There will be dancing, games and food available. Details will be sent out with the students in the coming weeks. So save the date! Children need to be supervised by a parent at all times.

Clean up Australia Day- Join the Moorooka State School P&C and other community members for ‘Clean up Australia Day’ on Sunday March 3 at 8 am for a community clean up and picnic. It is at Alexandra Park for clean up at 8 am and picnic at 10 am. There will be a free BBQ but please bring a plate to share at the picnic. It will be an opportunity to contribute to our environment and connect with other community members. A flyer will come home with the student’s with full information or contact the Moorooka Facebook page for more details.

P&C Information

Next P&C meeting and AGM:


Uniform Shop


6.30pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month
in the Library


Open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Order at school or online:
School id for signing up is 25306963

Open Fridays

Some items on sale

OSHC (SchoolPlus)

It’s the start of the term and we’ve hit the ground running. In the morning we are involving children in a variety of spontaneous and cooking activities from pizzas to sushi, cubbies to roller boarding. These are activities aimed at building on their curiosity and confidence as learners and are entirely chosen by and directed by the children!

In the afternoons we’ve been making origami and loom bands, colouring in and cookies alongside great active programs including pop up tiggy, stick cubby building and even constructing our very own scooter that the seniors have been testing out! We’ve loved seeing what the children want to create and jump into each day and look forward to seeing what else they take interest in as they continue to grow and learn.

Laugh out loud – learn through play!

Support Office: 07 3395 8099 Fax: 07 3041 6473 Add: PO Box 540 Bulimba, Queensland 4171, Australia

Upcoming Events

Calendar – March 2019

Fri 1st March

Prep Teddy Bear Picnic 9-10am

Fri 1st March

Prep Homework Session 10.15am-10.45am

Fri 1st March

Free Dress Day (P-6) Cancer Council – Wear Yellow or Pink

Fri 15th March

National “Bullying No Way” Day

Mon 18th March

School Photos Prep to 6

Tue 19th March

Cross Country Carnival (P-3) 9 – 10.50am

Tue 19th March

Cross Country Carnival (4-6) 11.40 – 1.10pm

Wed 20th March

Meerkat Mate Applications due

Thu 21st – Sat 23rd March

Southside Beginner Camp

Fri 22nd March

Parade of Nations/Harmony Day (WS) 9-10am

Tue 26th March

2020 Prep Parent Information Session (3.30-5pm)

Yeronga SHS Open Day

The annual Yeronga SHS OPEN Day for all Year 5 & 6 students WEDNESDAY 29 MAY 9:30 – 2:20pm T2 Week 6. Buses will collect all your Year 5 and 6 students in the morning and return students back to school before the home-time bell.

The Exceptional Learners Program for selected Year 5 & 6 students WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY 5 & 6 JUNE 9:30 – 2:30pm T2 Week 7

As part of our commitment to promoting public education and sharing resources with our closest primary schools, our Exceptional Learners Program is a 2-day Extension Program for gifted students so they can experience learning in a high school context and develop a deeper understanding of concepts in an area where they excel. Parents pool together to do the drop offs and pick-ups.

The wonderful tradition continues!!

The Smith Family – Learning for Life Scholarship


26 Mar 2019 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

22 May 2019 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM