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8 February 2019

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Principal and Deputy Report

Welcome Back

Welcome or welcome back for a fabulous year of learning at Moorooka State School. I am very excited to be continuing as principal this year. I hope that you all have had a wonderful and restful summer holiday and that you are looking forward to this school year with excitement.

The staff have all been very busy over the last couple of weeks working hard to prepare their classrooms and specialist centres so that they are ready to receive all of your children.

I would like to especially welcome our new Prep students and their families.

During the first few weeks if you have any questions please feel free to talk to any of us. We are available before and after school to assist you with all your queries.

Your class teachers are a fountain of knowledge around curriculum and class routines. The office staff will be able to help you with uniforms, payments, book lists, facilities, tuckshop queries and pretty much everything else.

Our teacher aides and other staff will equally be able to point you in the right direction.

If you need anything just ask. We hope you and your family have a wonderful time learning at Moorooka in 2019. It is an amazing community and school and we are glad you are part of it!

Start of School Day

Just a reminder to parents regarding the times for the start of the school day. At 8.40 a bell goes for students to move to their classes to line up and wait for their Teacher. A second bell rings at 8.45am for the commencement of lessons. It is very important for students to be in class and ready to learn at 8.45am.

Staff Update

Our staff were actively engaged in a range of professional learning and development activities over the January Student Free Days – undertaking four very full days in total. I again commend and acknowledge them for their positive approach and professional attitude. Our school’s staff continue to be one of Moorooka State School’s great strengths. As shared late last year, there are only a few changes to our school’s staffing composition for 2019.

We have moved our specialist staff around a bit to ensure uninterrupted learning time on Mondays and Fridays. See below:

Specialist days:

  • Library: Lizzy Dixon Tues-Thurs
  • Art: Cathy Godwin Tues-Wed
  • Music: Stacey Cooper Tues-Wed
  • PE: Ben Bourke Tues, Thurs
  • LOTE: Sandra Hjertquist Wed, Thurs

Commencing this year, our school has had some changes to staffing. This will allow us to undertake the following for the 2019 school year:

  • Continuation of weekly Japanese lessons for every student from Year 1 to Year 6
  • Introduction of “Digital Technologies” lessons for every class from Prep to Year 6, supported by our librarian– Mrs Lizzy Dixon
  • Continuation of Guidance officer two days a week – Jessica Ballayntine will continue in this role this year
  • Continuation of Speech Language Pathologist – Amelia Ricchetti will continue in this role this year
  • Ms Natalia Anstee has returned as SEP Teacher this year, as Ms De-Seilva has accepted a position at Bayview State School.
  • Michelle Bradford who was our Behaviour Teacher in 2017-2018, has taken up a role as lecturer at QUT training the next generation of teachers. We wish her well! Subsequently Ms Myatt’s year 2 class will have Stacey Cooper teaching them on Fridays.

Classes for 2019:

3x Prep Year classes – Mrs Palmer, Ms Fernan and Ms Harre
1 x Prep/Year 1 class – Mrs Stevenson
1x Year 1 classes – Mrs Schinard/Mrs Kirkman
1 x Year 1/Year 2 class – Mrs Ninness
2 x Year 2 classes – Ms Mead and Ms Myatt/Mrs Kirkman
2 x Year 3 class – Ms Cheal and Mrs Vaughn/Mrs Sutherland
1 x Year 3/4 class – Mrs Skarparis
1x Year 4 class – Mrs Whaikawa
1x Year 4/5 class – Mrs Hunt
1 x Year 5/6 class – Mr Humphrey
1x Year 6 classes – Mrs Jones

School Dress Code

As the new school year commences, I encourage all parents and carers (and students as appropriate) to revisit the Dress Code to confirm what the uniform expectations are at our school. If you are unsure of these expectations, a copy is accessible via our website or available from our office.

It is very important that everyone at our school has a shared knowledge and understanding of our policies and procedures. Of particular focus is the wearing of correct coloured shoes – black or white – with our uniform. I thank our students, parents and carers for ensuring that our school uniform is worn with pride and Moorooka State School presents as well as we do – clearly one of the reasons for our continued great reputation in our community (and beyond).

Publishing our own Nature Play Book

I am very excited to announce that as part of developing our Nature Play at Moorooka SS we will be publishing a ‘Stick Book’ created by the students regarding everything they can think of (that’s safe!) to do with a stick.

At parade I showed all of our students a book by Antionette Portis called “Not a stick”
I also showed them some pages from another book called “The stick book”.
Both give lots of good ideas of things to do when playing with a stick.

Stick Categories

Our book will have stick ideas under the following categories:

  1. Stick games
  2. Stick arts
  3. Stick imagination
  4. Stick science
  5. Stick music
  6. Stick technology

Your child will need to include:

  • a title for their stick idea
  • a picture of their stick idea, and them using it (if they have photo permission)
  • information about how to make their stick idea
  • any safety rules for their idea (very important)

See the example below:

Submissions need to be sent digitally to my email at by the end of week 7, Friday 15th March for possible inclusion in the school book.

At this stage I am not sure if we will be able to include all entries as this will depend on publishing requirements.

You will be notified either way.

Any questions as always either pop in for a chat or email.

Year 6 School Leaders Induction

On Friday 15th February all Student leaders will be inducted into their leadership position for 2019. Parents of school leaders will be invited to attend an afternoon tea via email, at 1.30pm prior to the Ceremony in the hall. We are very proud of all of our selected leaders this year, and look forward to a very productive year representing our school!

Please RSVP to by Monday 11th February if you are attending the afternoon tea.

2019 Parent Information Session Afternoon

Please note that the date for our Parent Information Evening is Monday 11 February – next week. The afternoon will commence at 3:00pm with a short address from the Principal and Deputy in the Hall. Parents and carers will then have two opportunities to visit their child/children’s classrooms to meet with their child/children’s teacher.

This afternoon is used to share information with you about the year ahead, including routines, expectations, learning and curriculum and as such, we ask that you only visit the classrooms that your own children are in. The first classroom session will commence at 3:30pm and the second/final session at 4.00pm. Please note that both classroom sessions are identical – two session times are offered to cater for families with more than one child.

Scooters Play 1st Break Only

This year, we will be introducing Scooter Play at 1st break. This activity will allow our students to enhance their physical and social development. Students are allowed to bring their scooters onto school grounds and ride them at 1st break on the road in between the junior and senior oval, under the supervision of a teacher.

Prep – Mondays
Year 1/2 – Tuesdays
Year 3/4- Thursdays
Year 5/6 – Fridays

To participate in Scooter Play, students must wear a helmet and have a lock so that their scooter can be locked in the bike area. Please note that any student property that is brought to school and is stolen or broken, is not the responsibility of the school.

Childhood Summit 2019

We are very proud to announce that Tom Burdon one of our 2019 Student Leaders, has been selected as the Child’s Voice Key Note speaker at the Childhood Summit from 28-30 March 2019 at Royal International Convention Centre (ICC) – Brisbane Showgrounds. He will be speaking on Thursday 28th March 9.20am. We wish him all the best with his speech and know he will make us all proud.

Extra Curricular Activities

Free Boys and Girls After School Master Blaster Cricket Program

Thanks to a Brisbane City Council Healthy and Physical Activity Grant, girls and boys from Moorooka State School will be able to participate free of charge in an after school Master Blaster cricket program.

The Master Blaster program involves modified cricket games and activities with plastic equipment to maximise participation and fun, aimed at boys and girls who haven't played cricket before or who have played a little.

The program will be delivered by qualified coaches from Souths Junior Cricket Club and Queensland Cricket. Numbers are limited so you will need to register on-line via the link below:

Age Group: Year 3 to Year 6
When: Thursday 21 February 2019 to Thursday 14 March 2019
Time: 3:15pm to 4:30pm
Cost: Free and includes a free Master Blasters cricket cap

The program also includes a free Gala Day for all participating schools at Souths Cricket Club, Fairfield, on Sunday 24 March.

Curriculum News

ART & MEDIA 2019

WooHoo it’s 2019 and we have some great projects planned for Media Art and Visual Art this year… and we need your help…of course you are always welcome to come in and help (and bring your little one!)

But things you can do for us without leaving your house, would be to collect some of the following for us to use in our creations;

  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk bottles (well cleaned)
  • Cds
  • Cd covers
  • Dvds
  • Dvd cases
  • Odd things made of plastic that might look cool on a robot
  • Plastic bottles again
  • Bubble wrap (pre-used)

WE HAVE A BIG FOCUS ON SUSTAINABLE, reusable and recyclable materials, and would greatly appreciate your help.

There is a huge cardboard box in the art room for plastic bottles and bigger things and a smaller plastic box for smaller things.

Thanks in anticipation
Cathy Godwin (Arts Teacher)

Behaviour Report

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Moorooka State School is a PBL school. We actively encourage positive behaviours in and out of our classrooms. These behaviours create a happy, safe and caring learning environment. The staff at Moorooka State School believe that by supporting students to acquire these life-long skills, they are preparing them for success. Each week we have a focus that stems from one of our core values. They are to:

•  Be Respectful  •  Be a Learner  •  Be Safe

At Moorooka we believe that being safe and happy at school impacts academic success. Each classroom will explore this focus in a variety of ways with the objective of upskilling our students with lifelong, transferable skills.

This week’s rule focused on Be safe – Play appropriately (Right Time, Right Way, Right Place)


Student details to be kept updated

Please advise administration of any changes to student’s health needs, telephone, email or address details which have changed over the holiday period. Families may need to update emergency contacts. If so please contact administration or email through new information to

Student Medication

It is a legal requirement that all student medication is signed in at Administration.

This includes epipens and asthma inhalers. Children with asthma inhalers can also keep an inhaler with them. Check the expiry date on all medication before sending to school. If your child’s asthma or allergy plan has been reviewed by the doctor since the end of last year please forward a new copy to administration.

If you are new to the school and your child has a plan please ensure you have given a copy to administration as soon as possible.

All medication must have a “Request to Administer Medication Form” completed and given to the administration, before any mediation can be administered to children. This form can be located in the newsletter or on the school website.

School Fees (Student Resource Scheme)

You will have recently received a document of fees and contributions with the full breakdown for 2019.

An email from the school with 2019 Fees will also be generated from Education Queensland and this will be titled ‘Debtors Statement’. Unfortunately the school is unable to change the heading of this email as this is generated from Education Queensland Oneschool computer program.

We would appreciate your prompt payment of your child’s Fees and Contributions to Learning. The school has already purchased goods in bulk or paid for subscriptions to online programs such as Reading Eggs or Mathletics, to support students in their learning and reduce costs for parents.

The school is happy to support parents in setting up payment plans, which allows parents to make regular instalment payments weekly or fortnightly. This allows students to have immediate access to all resources. To discuss setting up a payment plan, please contact

Please be assured all conversations are treated confidentially.


Payments for items, such as resource fees, excursions, incursions or camps can be made online or at our new payment window located to the right of the main office doors. For security reasons, families or students are encouraged to make payments on their arrival to school. Payments may be made by cash, eftpos, credit card, cheque or BPoint. (Please note that we no longer offer BPay as an option.)

BPoint is the preferred payment method for Department of Education, due to the efficiencies that automated receipting brings to schools. BPoint is an online payment system which provides schools with a secure and efficient method of collecting payments for parents/customers. BPoint allows a parent to pay their child’s invoices directly from home and receive the receipt immediately.

The Bpoint system is linked to our One School system, which means, once the CRN number and invoice is entered it automatically links to the school system and marks it as paid. This is a safe, quicker more efficient system for all concerned.

Moorooka SS is no longer able to accept phone credit card payments over the telephone, however credit card payments may be made through the BPoint IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – for Telephone payments from parents/customers. Education Queensland Bpoint IVR telephone number 1300 Bpoint or 1300 276 468, they will require Biller Code, CRN number.

This week Invoices have been emailed out for:

  • 2019 School Resource Scheme
  • District Swimming
  • Year 4A and 3/4 Excursion

Back to School Parking


As you will have noticed we have negotiated with Brisbane City Council to increase the length of our Stop-Drop-Go along Sherley Street to provide greater access for families.

Already however we have noticed some parents parking in this zone. The Stop-Drop-Go is there for everyone’s convenience but becomes unmanageable if cars are left parked in the zone. School staff supervise this area after school to ensure our students are safe as they leave school when waiting for pick up. However it is not the school’s responsibility to manage the “STOP, DROP GO” zone. School staff do not have any authority over road users.

Police and Local Law Officers have informed me that there will also be regular patrols to ensure drivers are adhering to the road rules. It is the responsibility of the driver of a vehicle to be aware of the Queensland Traffic Act and to drive and use the roads appropriately.

There is no one in our school that would not agree that the safety of our school’s children is of the highest priority and making our “STOP, DROP GO”, work properly will add to a safe environment for all. Some points to ensure you follow are listed below.

If there is no space available in the “STOP, DROP GO”, zone you need to move on (go around the block) or find another place to park.

Under no circumstances do you park across the school driveways or any other driveway. The school driveways must be left clear for disability access, staff access, school service providers and emergency services.

Always move as far forward as possible in the “STOP, DROP GO Zone to enable effective and safe use of the zone. This may mean you and your children need to walk a little further.

Never leave your car parked in the “STOP, DROP GO Zone during operation hours. The zone operates from 7am to 9am and 2pm – 4pm on School Days.

Above all be patient and respectful, our children’s safety depends on you. Remember children learn by your example.

Early departures and late arrivals

All students who arrive or depart the school premises outside of the regulated school hours must be signed in and out via the office.

A written note should be given to the classroom teacher on the morning of an early departure to ensure that your child is ready for collection.

If children are leaving school early, all parents should report to the office first to sign their child out of the school.

Their early departure reason will be entered on the computer system with the time of exit. An exit slip will be generated that then can be taken to the classroom to pick up your child. This slip must be handed to the teacher which indicates the child has been signed out.

If you do not have an exit slip your child’s class teacher is required to direct you back to the office. This process is designed to ensure the safety of all of our students and we appreciate your support in this matter.

SMS – Electronic Attendance Management Service

State Schools have been using a SMS notification service to alert parents/guardians to the unexplained absence of their child from school. This SMS alert will only be sent after the class teacher has marked the roll each morning

To avoid receiving an SMS notification please notify the school of your child’s absence before 8:45am via email or direct student absences phone number 3426 5360.

The alert will be sent to families after the class teachers have marked the class roll each morning. Parents are reminded to direct their children to office to collect a late slip if they arrive after 8:45am, before going to class.

Mobile Phones

Parents and children are reminded that it is school policy that all students’ mobiles, devices and smart watches are signed into administration in the morning before school starts. For safety children are not to keep these devices in their school bag or the classroom.

Extra Curricular Activities

Free Boys and Girls After School Master Blaster Cricket Program

Thanks to a Brisbane City Council Healthy and Physical Activity Grant, girls and boys from Moorooka State School will be able to participate free of charge in an after school Master Blaster cricket program.

The Master Blaster program involves modified cricket games and activities with plastic equipment to maximise participation and fun, aimed at boys and girls who haven't played cricket before or who have played a little.

The program will be delivered by qualified coaches from Souths Junior Cricket Club and Queensland Cricket. Numbers are limited so you will need to register on-line at:

  • Age Group: Year 3 to Year 6
  • When: Thursday 21 February 2019 to Thursday 14 March 2019
  • Time: 3:15pm to 4:30pm
  • Cost: Free and includes a free Master Blasters cricket cap

The program also includes a free Gala Day for all participating schools at Souths Cricket Club, Fairfield, on Sunday 24 March.

P&C News

Please see below the new Summer tuckshop menu for 2019. Tuckshop is open Monday and Wednesday only 1st. break and Friday 1st and 2nd break.

P&C Information

Next P&C meeting:


Uniform Shop @ Hall

6.30pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month
in the Library


Open Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays

Order at school or online:
School id for signing up is 25306963 

Open Fridays

OSHC (SchoolPlus)

Hello Moorooka!

We had lots of fun during Vacation Care at School Plus Moorooka! Students were able to experience many new things that they have not been able to do before. It was encouraging for all involved to see the children’s curiosity and creativity grow each day and it’s something that we as a team at Moorooka are looking to continue into the new term.

We are very much looking forward to a fun filled year getting to know all of our new families and spending time with our old friends too!

Kind regards,

Rebecca Turner
Administration Assistant
School Plus

Laugh out loud – learn through play!
Support Office: 07 3395 8099 Fax: 07 3041 6473 Add: PO Box 540 Bulimba, Queensland 4171, Australia

Website below:

Upcoming Events

Calendar Feb – Mar 2019

Mon 11th February

Parent Information Session 3 - 4.15pm

Fri 15th February

Captains/ Leaders Induction 1.30 – 3.45pm

Mon 18th February

Class 4A and Class 3/4 Class Excursion – Nudgee Environmental Centre

Fri 1st March

Prep Teddy Bear Picnic 9-10am

Fri 1st March

Free Dress Day (P-6) Cancer Council

Fri 15th March

National “Bullying No Way” Day

Mon 18th March

School Photos Prep to 6

Tue 19th March

Cross Country Carnival (P-3) 9 – 10.50am

Tue 19th March

Cross Country Carnival (4-6) 11.40 – 1.10pm

Wed 20th March

Meerkat Mate Applications due

Thu 21st – Sat 23rd March

Southside Beginner Camp

Fri 22nd March

Parade of Nations/Harmony Day (WS) 9-10am

Tue 26th March

2020 Prep Parent Information Session (3.30-5pm)

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors/Volunteers are to sign in and out at Office on arrival and departure.

All visitors to the school, whether here to volunteer within the classroom, SAKG or tuckshop, Educational visitors, P&C members, or contractors need to report to school administration and sign in and out for our students safety.

We need to ensure this is followed in the best interests of our students and school community and to account for everyone for emergency drills.

The Smith Family Saver Plus Program

With increasing financial pressure on families at the start of a new school year, the Saver Plus Program has proven to be a great way to help by providing $500 towards back to school costs.

The aim of the program is for participants to achieve a savings goal of $500 , which is then matched by a further $500 per family which must be spent on education expenses.

Over 32000 families have received $500 in matched savings to assist with costs such as:

  • School Uniforms and shoes
  • Text Books and Stationary needs
  • School Camps and excursions
  • Sporting, Art, Dance or Music fees
  • Laptops or IPads

If you have any questions in relation to the program please contact David Smit who is the Saver Plus Coordinator for the Smith Family. Mob 0417 436 183

Holland Park State High School


26 Mar 2019 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

22 May 2019 - 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM