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28 November 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal and Deputy Report

Performing Arts Night

It was wonderful to see the students shining at our performing arts night recently. I was very impressed with the students’ level of commitment to their practice and performance skills which were so clearly demonstrated.

The work that every class had put into their visual art displays was wonderful. Ms Godwin’s idea to make the displays interactive also added another dimension to our students’ ability to explore their creations.

Well done to everyone. I have included some photos below of the festivities.

Classes for 2019

Our enrolments across the school continue to increase. We now have 73 Prep students for next year. It is very exciting to see the school growing as new families move into the area.

Due to the high numbers in Prep I have now closed our acceptance of out of catchment enrolments.

Semester 2 Report Cards

Student reports will be emailed home at the end of this Term in Week 10.

When report cards were emailed home at the end of last term, a number of service providers saw the report card mail out as spam, causing the email with the report card to be delivered into people’s junk/spam folder rather than their inbox. Please add to your ‘safe senders list’ so your child’s Semester 2 report card will be delivered to your inbox at the end of the term.

If your email address has changed, please let the office know by Monday 3 December. If you advise us after this date we cannot guarantee that you will receive your child’s report card before the start of the 2019 school year. As, our school office will be closed over the holiday period.

End of year awards

Throughout the year we celebrate many student achievements, from those on the sporting field, to participation in Arts programs, library challenges and our ‘Honour before Honours’ citizenship awards. At the end of the year I believe it is important to showcase our students’ excellence in academic achievement.

Therefore at our last school parade for 2018, on Friday 7th December I invite you to come and join with our community to celebrate those students who have achieved to an exceedingly high standard in one or more curriculum areas.

Awards being presented will be:

Overall Academic Excellence Award, for students achieving a high number of A’s on their end of year report card

  • Music, Dance Excellence Award
  • Visual Arts Award
  • Japanese Language award

I hope you are able to attend to make this day special for all of our hard working students.

Parade will start straight after break at 1.50pm to allow time to complete all of our award presentations.

2019 Booklists

Order information for Prep to Yr6 Booklists for 2019 were sent home this week to all parents/carers of pupils enrolled for 2019. This information is also now available on our school’s website. “SEQUEL” will be our booklist suppliers in 2019 and orders are able to be placed online, over the phone or by visiting their store at 115 Muriel Ave, Moorooka. Parents and carers can choose delivery to a chosen address or collection from their store. For Free Delivery, orders needs to be completed by Sunday 9th December.

Prep in 2019

This week, our 2019 Prep students and their families attended our school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday “Peek into Prep” mornings – spending time in classrooms and experiencing some of the many future learning opportunities in store, as well as building relationships with their peers and school staff.

As well as ensuring positive early experiences of school, “Peek into Prep” also provides an opportunity for a smooth transition to primary schooling, particularly for families who are new to Moorooka. At the same time, this morning provided the opportunity for our school to engage with the many parents, carers and friends in attendance to further strengthen links between the school and the home.

A significant amount of time and effort has gone into planning our “Peek into Prep” experiences and I would like to thank all staff involved for their work and dedication to this program. Our final date for “Peek into Prep” morning will take place next Friday 7 December, following a similar format to this week, from 9:00am to 10:55am.

White Ribbon Day

On Friday 23 November, we celebrated White Ribbon Day. This day provides an important opportunity for all of us — and for men in particular — to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women. Violence against women is never acceptable and needs to be eliminated. We all have a responsibility to speak out against it. Schools, workplaces and individuals can help reduce violence against women by demonstrating respect for women and girls and by modelling and valuing healthy and respectful relationships.

Instrumental Music Program

Every year we offer the opportunity for students to join our Instrumental Music Program at Moorooka. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Instrumental Music Program, can you please return the Expression of Interest Form to the office. Expression of Interest Forms, were sent home earlier in the term. Please see Ms Caley or Ms Cooper if you are interested in applying.

Curriculum News

Instrumental Music

Exciting news in the Instrumental Music Programme we now have a new double bass.

Behaviour Report

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Moorooka State School is a PBL school. We actively encourage positive behaviours in and out of our classrooms. These behaviours create a happy, safe and caring learning environment. The staff at Moorooka State School believe that by supporting students to acquire these life-long skills, they are preparing them for success. Each week we have a focus that stems from one of our core values. They are to:

• Be Respectful • Be a Learner • Be Safe

At Moorooka we believe that being safe and happy at school impacts academic success. Each classroom will explore this focus in a variety of ways with the objective of upskilling our students with lifelong, transferable skills.

This week’s rule focused on Be Safe, Play appropriately - right time, right way, right place.

At Moorooka SS, we have several rules that allow you to remain safe and teach you how to play appropriately, while at school.

Some include:

  • Labelled out of bounds areas
  • Procedures to use if you ride a bike, scooter or skateboard to school
  • No playing on playground equipment before or after school.

Library News

It’s that usual time of the year, where we ask students to start checking their bedrooms, lounge rooms, cars etc for library books that have still not been returned to the library. The earlier you return the books, the easier it is for our staff to get the library organised for next year. Below are a few Q&A:

Q. What if I'm positive I returned the book already?

A. Come and talk to the library staff and we can double-check the shelves. Together we can work out what went wrong.

Q. What if my friend has it now?

A. It is still borrowed in your name. Bring the book and your friend to the library. We will return the book and your friend can borrow it.

Q. What if the book was stolen?

A. Very often a stolen book is sitting in the bottom of a tidy tray or under a bed. Have a good look for it and then talk to the library staff.

Q. What if I don't remember taking the book out in the first place?

A. Come and talk to the library staff about it. We may be able to jog your memory. If we've made a mistake, it's important to straighten things out. Come as soon as your name appears on the overdue list.

Q. What happens if the book is really lost, destroyed or damaged?

A. Our policy is that an invoice will be issued for badly damaged, destroyed or lost books to cover the cost of a replacement copy, covering etc. Depending on the book or circumstances, this fee may be waived. For example, when a student or parent makes early contact with the library to explain the problem, we may decide to write-off the book without penalty, especially if the book was near the end of its useful life.

From the Classroom

Year 6 Camp “A Hero’s Journey”

At the beginning of this term, the Year 6 students went on a 5-day camp to Tallebudgera. This camp was part of their transition to high school and was known as the Hero’s Journey as students faced challenges throughout the camp which they had to overcome. They also learnt new skills that would assist them in beginning their new journey through high school.

Connection to Place Day

The students began by exploring the area around Burleigh Heads National Park and learning about the importance the area had to the local indigenous people. They were shown how we can all be responsible for protecting the environment.

Champions Day

This day had the students hiking along Tallebudgera Creek to the David Fleay wildlife park. They learned about how he was responsible for helping to protect native animals in the area and how they could champion for others who needed it. This was followed by a kayak back down the creek to camp.

Warriors Day

This day required students to overcome their fears by facing some adrenaline packed challenges. This started with body boarding on the beach, followed by tobogganing and tubing behind a boat on the creek. Students then completed the high-ropes course at The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mastermind and Guardian Day

This day required the students to work in teams to overcome mentally challenging activities. It began with an escape room where each team was given 30 minutes to move through a series of rooms by looking for clues. This was followed by team building activities where the students had to complete challenges by working together.

From the Office

Student Absences

Our goal at Moorooka State School is to have 100% of student absences explained. To make this process easier you may register your absences by email at This is also available on the school website.

Alternatively, parents and carers can still contact the Student Absence Line (24 hour service) on 3426 5360 and leave a message giving an explanation for their student's absence.

If the school has not been notified of your child’s absence by 10.00am an SMS message will be sent requesting that you contact the absence line to advise accordingly.

Long Absences

For absences longer than 10 school days, parents must complete an Application for Exemption form which will be submitted to the Principal for consideration and approval. These forms are available from the school office. Please note that approval is not necessarily a given and evidence will need to be submitted.


Outstanding payments for Year 6 Excursion to Crank Indoor Climbing Centre need to be completed by Friday 30th November. If you have any credits on your account please contact the office when making payment for Crank so that you do not over pay the invoice.

Year 6 Graduation payments need to be paid no later than Friday 30th November 2018.

Letters have been sent home with Yr 5 students concerning the purchase of Yr 6 Shirts for 2019. Invoices can be paid by cash or Eftpos at the front desk no later than Monday 3rd December 2018. We only take receipt of one delivery for these shirts in First Term so please consider carefully if you wish to order one or more shirts to last the full year.

When paying by Bpoint/Bpay please ensure that the correct invoice number is used and is the one pertaining to the excursion. As we have had several payments going to the wrong activity. E.g. Payments for sport going to Camp Allocation. This creates a great deal of work and confusion for both office staff and organisers.

Student Achievements

Yesterday we had our Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival. The following students have been awarded 2018 Age Champions. To receive an Age Champion Award, students need to have swam in all four 50m races (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly) and achieved the best overall results in all four races. Congratulations to all of our winners:

2009 - 9 Year Old Age Champions

Jewel Adam

William Affleck

2008 – 10 Year Old Age Champions

Attaya Knight

Oscar Matrinuzzi

2007 – 11 Year Old Age Champions

Alice Hill

Damian Menicanin

2006 – 12 Year Old Age Champion

Grace Milinkovic

Extra Curricular Activities

Friendship Seats

Last year, after helping us raise funds, our friends at Zarraffa’s Coffee Salisbury in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Salisbury generously presented us with two 'Friendship Seats'. One was installed in our courtyard and the other in our Prep Playground so that all children at Moorooka State School have access to a 'Friendship Seat'. A 'Friendship Seat' is a safe way for students to express themselves should they feel lonely, upset or have no one to play with.

Over the last few weeks, the Student Council ran two 'Friendship Seats' design competition. Thank you to all students who have entered their designs. Mrs Jones and our wonderful student leaders were really blown away by your creative artwork. Part 1 Friendship Seat Winner is Livia Fisher from 6B. Part 2 Friendship Seat Winner is Damian Menicanin also from 6B. (This is not rigged!)

Transferring and painting the designs of our Friendship Seats located in front of F Block Courtyard area and M block Prep Playground area are now close to completion. Attached, please find photos of these students hard at work. Special thanks to Livia, Grace, Ajla, Rosie, Zac, Anakii, Bahar, Damian and Colt for painting the seats during their lunch breaks. A big public thank you to the WONDERFUL Moorooka P & C, Ms Cathy Godwin, Mrs Heidi Miller and Anakii for the donation of the paints, brushes and fixative. Without your generous contribution, this would not have been possible. Hopefully, it should all be completed by next week! Come along and say “Hi” to us if you see us painting! Thanks for your support everyone!

Li-Dan Jones
Teacher Yr 6

Winner of our first Friendship Seat Design, Livia Fisher, 6B hard at work with her friends.

Damian Menicanin 6B second winner of our Friendship Seat Design Competition. Awesome effort from our budding artists!

Code Camp

Save the date

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Code Camp these school holidays. Code Camp will be teaching your child to build their own mobile phone app.

Code Camp will be at Moorooka State School for three days from 7-9 January 2019 to run the coding workshops. This camp will be open to all primary aged students(Y2-6) in the area, so please feel free to invite friends, neighbours and family too. Come and see why more than 30,000 Australian kids have loved Code Camp.

If you are interested in having your child continue on their coding journey or having them take their first steps, please mark your diaries and go to the link below to register your interest in being informed of upcoming camps.

Early bird pricing, gives you a $20 discount and is available from Wednesday 23rd May until Sunday 27th May with zipPay also available (book now, pay later) A three day camp costs $349. Each child gets –

  • A totally fun and unique camp experience where students learn to be creators of technology - not just consumers!
  • A Code Camp shirt, cap, wristband and pin.
  • A medal for completion at the end-of-camp HI-5 ceremony! Plus a digital certificate to commemorate their achievement.
  • Code Camp App - An app the students can play the games they created.
  • Code Camp World - Our online coding platform allowing students to learn drag and drop coding plus pure line coding with JavaScript.
  • After the camp students are sent weekly coding activities for a month to keep them engaged and to encourage them to continue to code.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Warm regards
City Director Queensland

P&C Report

P&C Break Up at The Red Lion – Thursday, 6th December at 7.30pm

Thank you to everyone who has come along to the P&C meetings throughout the year, volunteered at the fete or the numerous other P&C events. We have so much to celebrate, so please join us at the Red Lion on Thursday, 6th December at 7.30pm. Feel free to come even if you’ve never made it to a meeting this year - we’d really like to see everyone! We do note it is a pay your own way affair as of course all P&C funds go towards air conditioning and other contributions to the school.

Rotary Raffle

Raffle tickets were distributed recently and we would be grateful if you would sell as many tickets as you can and return the ticket stubs and money to the office as soon as you can. Colleen has a box for collections. The prize is a huge trailer of great prizes (including the trailer!) put together by Rotary. 50% of proceeds go to the school, with the other 50% going to the marvellous Rotary Club.

Tuckshop Changes

We have a fabulous new team in the tuckshop – pop down and say hi to Federica (Fed), Natsuki (Nat) and Kellie. They would love to have you come and help prepare and serve delicious and nutritious food to our kids. It’s also heaps of fun doing over the counter sales to the excited kiddos! Just a morning a term would be brilliant!

We’re also looking at changing the tuckshop days to Monday/Wednesday/Friday next year. If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns regarding this change, or the tuckshop generally, we would love to hear from you.

Coffee Date with Miss Hyne – 6th December 8.30am-9.30am

On 8.30am on Thursday morning, 6th December, Miss Hyne will be down at the tuckshop for a catch up. All welcome! You can just come and say hi, let Miss Hyne know what a fantastic job she’s done this year, provide constructive feedback and/or make suggestions for next year. You can also enjoy a barista made coffee and a sweet from $4.

Containers for Change

This is a brilliant initiative where you can get refunds for your eligible containers. Don’t forget you can use the scheme ID C10006819 so any refunds will go towards the P&C and air conditioning the school.

More information can be found below:

Moorooka Marlins Swim Club

There’s just a couple of Club nights left this term; and it will of course be kicking off again in the new year. Come along on a Friday evening to see for yourself! Full details on this great family friendly fun check out the website:

P&C Information

Next P&C meeting:


6.30pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Library



Open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Order at school or online:

School id for signing up is 25306963 

Uniform Shop

Open Fridays

Some items on sale

OSHC (SchoolPlus)

Hello Moorooka!

We are almost at the finish line – just a few weeks of term to go! We are making the most of it with our usual range of activities and games, especially card games, skipping games, running races, soccer and lots and lots of innovative craft and very messy painting!

Our eyes are fixed on the upcoming vacation care period, which is poised to be another few weeks of fantastic fun and adventure, with some old favourites like a pyjama and movie day, a colour run, water slides and water fights to beat the heat, and some new activities, such as a Truck-ton of Video Games visiting us, a nerf gun battle, a medieval history show, and exciting African drumming. Check out our program if you are interested, booking is available now.

As this is our penultimate school newsletter for the year I would like to take the time to remind all OSHC families that bookings for 2019 do not carry over. All families need to request new bookings for 2019. Please check your inbox for instructions on how to do this or speak to our friendly staff.

School Plus Moorooka will be closed from 21st December 2018 to 7th January 2019. If you intend to enrol for 2019, I would urge you to do so now before the January rush and to avoid any delay in processing your child’s enrolment. Preps for 2019 can attend from January 7th 2019.

Kind regards,
Rebecca Turner
Administration Assistant
School Plus

Laugh out loud – learn through play!

Support Office: 07 3395 8099 Fax: 07 3041 6473 Add: PO Box 540 Bulimba, Queensland 4171, Australia

Upcoming Events



Fri 7th December

2019 Prep Orientation Morning (9-10.50am)

Tue 11th December

Year 6 Graduation @ Yeronga SHS (9-11am)

Wed 12th December

4A Museum/Southbank Excursion

Thu 13th December

Year 6 Crank Indoor Climbing Centre (11.45-2.30pm)